W. Clothing Company

W. Clothing Company is a young clothing brand founded in 2009 with a focus in creating wearable art.

Have you ever purchased a graphic tee and wondered who the artist behind the design was?

With W. Clothing Company you will always know. We are more than a clothing company, more than fashion. We are a company for those who have an appreciation for art, an appreciation for the artist and the creative process. Our goal is to provide wearable art at steady and reasonable prices. Every commissioned masterpiece created will be reproduced onto a wearable medium in limited quantities to preserve the integrity and value of the original piece. In addition, every garment will include the insignia of the artist who's hard work and dedication went into the creation of the piece. The artist is the heart of W. Clothing Company. We recognize the reality in the phrase "the struggling artist" and strive to help others prosper. With every garment, you will always know who the artist is and through wclothingcompany.com you will know how to contact them, view more of their work and potentially become a collector.

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